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Breaking a Sweat

Welcome to the fourth and final instalment of Breaking: The Podcast. This time we look at the concept of ‘breaking a sweat’ – pushing your limits in the newsroom and on the pitch.

Sabrina Woodward investigates a darker side of journalism – the reporter’s vice: alcohol in journalism.

Tarah Miller takes us to the side of the pitch as she explores what it’s like to be a female sports reporter in 2016.

We hear from two-time Brazilian jiu jitsu world champion Shantelle Thompson about pushing her mind and body to the limit.

And Evan Young takes a look at how politicians are bypassing the media causing journalists to break out in cold sweats.

Sit back and (try to) relax as our hosts Max Stainkamph, Alana Beitz & Alana Christensen talk about stress for the next half an hour.

Produced by Hugo Hodge and April Dudgeon 

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