Breaking: The Podcast

Episode 1 – Breaking In

Written by MStainkamph

‘Breaking In’ is the first episode of Breaking, a podcast by a group of young journalists looking at the industry they want to break into.

Episode One looks at breaking into the industry: breaking into journalism, into the workplace, into life outside the uni bubble, into their futures.

Episode One is produced by Max Stainkamph, and features Sabrina Woodward and Hugo Hodge as hosts.

Alana Christensen interviews Duncan Hughes from the Australian Financial Review to see how changing times are affecting the industry, and Tarah Miller goes on a quest for her voice. Evan Young talks to recent graduates to see how they found life after graduation, and April Dudgeon looks at how the news of the week was approached by different outlets.

Peter Craven (photo by Alana Beitz)

Peter Craven (photo by Alana Beitz)

Richard Ferguson and Alana Beitz speak to Peter Craven about his father’s coverage of the 1956 Olympics, and how coverage of those games compares to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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