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No safety in numbers – bunch cycling in Melbourne

Written by Monica Ireland

Research from Monash University found almost one in five on-road crashes involving a bicycle occurred when the cyclist was riding in a bunch.

Of these bunch cycling crashes, the research found 70 per cent to be the fault of another rider.

The study interviewed 186 cyclists who were taken to the Alfred and Royal Melbourne Hospitals as trauma patients from a cycling related injury across a 12-month period.

The study’s lead author Dr Ben Beck said this is not a matter of inexperience, finding 80 per cent of crashes involved cyclists with more than 10 years’ experience.

Crash victim Mark Collins suggests cyclists need to make themselves as visible as possible on the road.

“Don’t ever believe that they see you, because they don’t see you,” he said.

This advice is not only relevant at night, with 80 per cent of the crashes occurring during daylight hours in clear weather conditions.

Therefore the research highlights the need for cyclists and drivers to be alert at all times on the road.

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