Faces of Melbourne

Faces of Melbourne – Emily Blankendaal, Southbank

Written by Ellijahna Victoria

By Anthony Piovesan & Ellijahna Victoria

Retail assistant by day, cinema junkie by night- 24-year-old Emily Blankendaal is new to Melbourne.

She moved from Perth in February and says the city is “buzzing” and “delightful.”

But the move hasn’t come easily.

She struggles adjusting from Perth to Melbourne because of the jump in nightlife activity. Going down the street and bumping into people is a constant frustration, as well as her use of public transport.

“But it’s a trade off because there is always something going on. When I walk around the city and people bash into me, it stresses me out, but I enjoy the fact that if I feel like going out and doing something one night, I have that freedom of choice.”

Emily prefers the quiet night in her share house among friends, labeling herself a “home-body.” She works full time at Downies in Southbank and holds a degree in screenwriting. She finds it easy to shutdown from her busy work life by delving into gothic cinema- writing scripts, watching film and reading reviews.

Her main source for consuming news comes from mobile news apps, and typically gravitates towards tabloid entertainment news but tries to balance it out with a dose of world news.


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