Faces of Melbourne

Faces of Melbourne – Keith ‘The Pirate Dr 007’ King

Written by ADudgeon

Keith ‘The Pirate Dr 007’ King is an enigmatic busker from Glen Iris, who prides himself on ‘entertaining’ and ‘misbehaving’ in equal measure.

His life experiences are as varied as they are interesting: homeless for a period, he slept rough on the streets of Melbourne while selling the Big Issue.

Keith speaks of an epiphany that changed his life: the moment he learnt the power and talent he had for entertaining.

He tells of a night he was sleeping rough in 2001 when he chose to visit the Mercury Lounge nightclub at Crown Casino. He says his dancing wowed patrons and his regular appearances gave him both a reputation and a passion for being the life of the party.

“What I was doing at Mercury and other nightclubs around the city was dealing out Dance Therapy,” he says. “There was never a fight, wherever I was.”

Life in Melbourne for Keith hasn’t been easy.

His dog, performance partner and ‘soul mate’, Cookie Monster, was stolen four years ago.

However, Keith’s positive attitude has never waned and this outlook rubs off on those who meet him.

“There are far more good people in the world than horrible,” he says.

Keith, unsurprisingly, has a motto he lives by: “Misbehave, but in a nice way. Find your passion and stick to it. Passion is the fashion.”

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