Innovation in 2017

Looking through the crystal ball of journalism

Written by Ali Robson

Nathalie Malinarich’s prediction for journalism in 2017 reminds journalists and aspiring journalism students that we need to consider our audience more; we need to be more aware about how people consume news and why. 

Her prediction is centred around the idea of news for small screens and makes mention of an upcoming application for smart phones, Mic’s new app. I think all journalists should pay attention to this, as it seems to be a promising way forward for Journalism. The app provides a full news-reading experience all from the lock screen of a smart phone, the idea is to make consuming news as quick and easy as possible for people. 

It could work really well, as people could just glance down at their lock screen and get filled in on top stories in just a few moments. In a way, it mimics picking up a news paper and taking a quick look at the front page.

The app sounds like an amazing way to enable journalism to be carried through changing times, I think it’s extremely important that it transitions with modern technologies like this one. But, with out stripping journalism’s authenticity, professionalism and value. 

Joanne Lipman’s prediction for journalism in 2017 is all about the rise of drone reporting, after reading this I have a new found interest in drones and how great they could be for journalism. The idea that drones could be used to report things journalists themselves simply couldn’t report; such as footage of bush fires, floods and police car chases is intriguing. Drones open doors for all sorts of new and innovative ways of telling stories, in an immersive way.

Drones are commonly used for leisure and creative media content, I think when mixing professional journalism and creative storytelling with the use of drones is when really powerful, game changing content will be seen.

Lipman tells us to ‘expect news organisations to take flight’.

The NiemanLab predictions are great in sparking conversation about the future of journalism, and serve to combat negative, depressing views on the future of journalism I’ve heard far too much recently.

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