Multimedia Essay - Journalism in 2016

The Bubble is Getting Smaller in Journalism

Written by CHrysomallis

What does the future of social media look like? The death of the newsfeed and the rise of community messaging apps, according to some of the smartest journalists of our time. For evidence of this claim, perhaps we should look towards the biggest social media player of the 21st century: Facebook.

In the last year, Facebook’s main creative updates have involved steps towards improving their Messenger app or building the beta-Facebook M. By large, excluding additional video features which were built into every major social media application in the last few months (think Instagram’s Instagram stories), Newsfeed has been pretty neglected. Facebook’s own Ad Product Lead Ted Zagat said that he expects Facebook to become a video-driven platform, competing with the likes of YouTube.

It appears the endless “newsfeed” stream is being shown the exit door. Even long-standing platforms like Twitter, which failed to sign up any new users in the US last quarter of 2015, are struggling to keep users engaged in a world saturated with notifications and advertising.

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