Multimedia Essay - Journalism in 2016

Local Journalism’s Sustainability in the Digital Era

How can local news providers compete for audiences online, whether it be through websites, social media, or smartphone based apps? This was a question discussed in five Nieman Lab articles in 2016.

Local news gets smarter on mobile

Social platforms scale down locally

These Nieman articles, on the future of local journalism, pose this question and some possible solutions. Our presentation focuses on how local news outlets across the world can provide a unique service to attract audiences, differentiate themselves from national or international news organisations and most importantly continue providing quality journalism to their local communities.

In this presentation we discuss how geo-location, smartphone based apps, integration with social media platforms and digitally innovative techniques can put local news back in the spotlight, assist young journalists getting their start in the industry and help communities and community events thrive like never before.

By Dylan Callard and Lucas Radbourne-Pugh

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