Multimedia Essay - Journalism in 2016

The Problem With Freelance

The first interactive issue of the RMIT TIMES is ushered in with an exploration of the freelance journalism industry.

‘The Problem With Freelance’ aims to highlight the desperate need for a modern day newsroom steeped in the values of traditional journalism.

Instead of dismantling independent writing as the ‘wild west’ of reporting, the article endeavours to spark discussion of how to best improve the way 21st century writers operate.

With parameters set by the values outlined in Nieman Lab’s Predictions for Journalism 2016, the arguments which anchor ‘The Problem with Freelance’ are ‘defining quality’, ‘the importance of teamwork’ and ‘trust’.

Spliced with though-provoking research and some handy hints of how to create a ‘freelancers forum’, the issue aims to inspire solo writers to challenge convention, and dare to delve into a new sphere of collaborative journalism.

For good measure, there’s also a couple of interviews with freelancers which speak for themselves.


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Alexandra Jeuniewic