Multimedia Essay - Journalism in 2016

Who’s your spoke-daddy?

By Izabella Staskowski and Alice Reid

Journalism is ideologically objective.

But, the more we learn about the world of media the more complex this concept becomes.

We start to ask ourselves: how can media outlets represent marginalised groups if those groups are not directly represented in the actual newsroom?

If the staff are predominantly made up of ageing white males, are they expected to produce an objective article about muslim refugees?

There are arguments suggesting this is very difficult to achieve.

We spoke to three people who identify as members of marginalised communities and presented them with faces who often appear as ‘spokespeople’ for their group.

They chose one of these faces to wear as a symbol that through spokespeople the many voices within their community may only be heard through this person.

Below you can find a link to both our analysis and their stories.

Who’s your spoke-daddy?

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