Budget for ‘better days ahead’

Written by s3546341

Treasurer Scott Morrison is preparing to hand down his second budget tonight, promising there will be ‘better days ahead’ for struggling Australians.

“As we look at home and all over the world, I’m responsibly optimistic that there are better days ahead, we can see them but we have to secure them,” Treasurer Morrison said.

Morrison is promising a ‘practical’ budget with a focus on housing affordability and infrastructure.

The Government has already announced some of the changes set to feature in the budget.

Reforms will take place across school and university funding, injecting more than $2.2 billion into schools over the next four years. This funding will be drawn from the Government’s proposed $2.8 billion cut to the university sector.

A predicted increase of up to $8 billion in infrastructure spending will be met with a thawing of the Medicare rebate scheme and a crackdown on welfare payments.

Tonight’s budget will also reveal to tax-payers whether the Federal Government can achieve its projected return to surplus within the next four years.

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