Melbourne’s dockless share-bike headache

Written by Eliza Beck

Just two months after the launch of Melbourne’s first dockless bike sharing venture, oBike has been put on notice, with Lord Mayor Robert Doyle saying the bikes are cluttering the city.

He warned the Singaporean company it would be banned if a solution to the problem is not found.

Eliza Beck reports.



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Eliza Beck


  • Great story. These bikes are all over the place along Alexandra parade. Good business idea by oBike but it seems the fault is the reliance on people’s consideration if the next person who’ll need that bike.

  • Good idea but unfortunately it won’t work for Melbourne. Sadly we don’t have the very basic road infrastructure for commuter riding, and many drivers on the road do actually hate bike riders so, we are not ready for this yet.

  • Hi Eliza,

    Great peace about urban culture and how services to the public are perceived in different countries. I’m sure no one would think of throwing a bike into a river in Singapore…

    At the Young Art Journalism feed & Awards (YAJA) we just shared your article with young and aspiring university students interested in online/mobile journalism as a great example.