Furniture not ‘fit’ for balcony

A chair can barely fit in a narrow Melbourne City apartment balcony. Only 5.79 per cent of Melbourne apartments meet the minimum private outdoor space depth of two metres. (Statistics via Secret Agent, 2017, Photo – Hayley Peppin)

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Hayley Peppin

I am Hayley Peppin, a 20-year-old student, currently studying and living in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Sydney, but raised in Adelaide and somehow I ended up here, in Melbourne…

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a journalist or writer, having read and written numerous narratives and short stories as a young child.

So, after graduating high school, naturally, I began studying journalism at the University of South Australia. However, a year later, I decided that I needed a little more stimulation and a bit of a sea change so I packed up (or tried to… way too many shoes to bring!!) my quiet existence in small town Adelaide and headed to the big smoke in 2016.

I am now a third year RMIT journo student with dreams of moving to New York or London as a full-time journalist writing about fashion, travel, pop-culture and everything in between!