About the author

Ali Johnson

Hello, my name is Alexandra Johnson, but that’s rather formal and I often forget that’s my name- let’s keep it as Ali.
I’m a 2nd year RMIT Journalism student, finding the will to complete my degree in Media and Communications.
I’ve spent a majority of my life at the beach, and when I haven’t been there, I’ve been in the mountains. You are spot on in assuming that I am a daydreamer and adventurer- I session magazines such as Paper Sea, Drift, Monster Children and National Geographic as often as I can… And when I can afford them.
I live on a farm (yes, an actual cows-in-the-paddock farm) on the Mornington Peninsula, so you can correctly assume that I spend a lot of my time driving.
When I’m not working or at Uni, I spend my time exploring where I live, painting with my friend Phoebe, drinking coffee, or hunting for new music (which is both satisfying, and somewhat laborious).