Breaking: The Podcast

Episode 2 – Breaking Boundaries

Written by ABeitz

Breaking: The Podcast is back with its second episode, Breaking Boundaries, to explore the frontiers of the journalism industry.

Join us as we take a look at the physical and technological boundaries we will face, or break through, in our future careers.


Episode two is produced by Alana Beitz and Evan Young, joined by presenter, Tarah Miller.

Max Stainkamph walks a mile in a foreign correspondent’s shoes. Hugo Hodge explores reporting on the other side of the Bass Strait with The Mercury’s state political editor, Matt Smith. Alana Christensen ventures to the edge of technological development and finds out how virtual reality is being used in storytelling.

Hobart Harbour (photo by Hugo Hodge)

Hobart Harbour (photo by Hugo Hodge)


Evan Young and Alana Beitz look at the stranger news coverage of Mother Teresa after her canonisation, and Sabrina Woodward takes a moment to remember Gene Wilder and reflect on reporting celebrity deaths.


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