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RRR News – 14th of September 2017

Written by Natasha Grivas


After much deliberation, the Senate is due to pass the Media Reform Bill which could mean a less diverse media landscape.

Organisers of R U OK day aim to create meaningful conversations between people to empower connections with those struggling with mental illness.

Moreland City Council is the third Melbourne Council to change the date of Australia Day celebrations because of the history behind the date.

Northcote residents are headed to the polls after Labor MP Fiona Richardson died suddenly last month, with housing affordability a big-ticket issue.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is telling people not to publish photos of their same-sex marriage survey form with concern some images could lead to votes being tampered with.

U.N Security Council has spoken out against Myanmar’s treatment of its Rohingya population, expressing deep concern.

On R U OK Day, Collingwood Football player Alex Fasolo has opened up about his struggle with mental illness.


Written and Produced by: Hanna Clarke, Francesca Broome, Natasha Grivas, Alice Rennison, Kelsey Rettino, Shannon Shubert

Presenters:  Alice Rennison, Kelsey Rettino, Shannon Shubert


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