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RRR News – Tuesday 5 September

Written by Hayley Peppin

The High Court hears the case against the marriage equality postal vote.

Allegations the Greens Party is using the marriage equality issue to fund their party .

Pokie pre-commitment schemes to help gamblers limit damaging losses.

Written and produced by: Hayley Peppin, Savannah Tafau-Levy and Sophie Wenderot

Presenters: Hayley Peppin and Sophie Wenderoth

About the author

Hayley Peppin

I am Hayley Peppin, a 20-year-old student, currently studying and living in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Sydney, but raised in Adelaide and somehow I ended up here, in Melbourne…

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a journalist or writer, having read and written numerous narratives and short stories as a young child.

So, after graduating high school, naturally, I began studying journalism at the University of South Australia. However, a year later, I decided that I needed a little more stimulation and a bit of a sea change so I packed up (or tried to… way too many shoes to bring!!) my quiet existence in small town Adelaide and headed to the big smoke in 2016.

I am now a third year RMIT journo student with dreams of moving to New York or London as a full-time journalist writing about fashion, travel, pop-culture and everything in between!