& Art Fair in Melbourne – A Gallery

The Melbourne Art Fair has been around for 28 years, running the event every two years to showcase both high-profile and independent artists. To the devastation of local artists, The Melbourne Art Foundation announced the cancellation in February this year, citing the high costs for galleries as the reason.


As a result of this cancellation, a number of smaller art fairs have popped up across the city, giving independent artists a chance to show their works. One of these smaller events is & Art Fair, which is running from the 17th to the 21st of August. We headed down to the event at Upper West Side on Spencer St to check out some of the galleries.

Julie Shiels, Pimpisa Tinpalt, Fredrick White, and Frank Veldz & Suszanne Donisthorpe

JS- 1

JS- 2

Simon Perry, David Waters, Jason Waterhouse, Marsha Pels, Jacqui Ralph and Jodie Goldring

SP 2

SP 1

SP 3

Akiko Nagino and Yvonne Kendall

AN 2

Roh Singh

Roh Singh 2

Roh Singh 1

Julie Collins and Derek John


Ryan F Kennedy

Ryan F Kennedy

Ryan 2

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