5 burger bars that will leave your mouth watering

Written by Mikaela Ortolan

There is no denying that Melbournians are crazy about their food. We pride ourselves on our multicultural identity that has enabled our streets to be filled with cuisines from all around the world. Not only this, but we are constantly seeing new food crazes pop up every day that changes the way we eat forever.

In the not too distant past, burgers were the top pick of the day. Whilst the current craze seems to be all about avocados, let’s be honest, will an avocado latte ever really beat a hearty wagyu beef burger?

While you ponder this thought, here is a compressed list of some of the best burger bars to come out of the burger craze.


  1. Easey’s

I know what you’re thinking… ‘A list of burger joints with Easey’s on it? How original…’

But if you’ve ever been to Easey’s you will know that one can simply not have a list without including them. They are quite possibly the Gods of the burger craze. Not only does the iconic rooftop train carriage and graffiti filled walls provide a retro atmosphere, but the burgers are great as well. What makes them stand out is the addition of a triple fried bitter battered dim sim, or double friend potato cake to any burger of your choice. That fried crunch contrasting against the beef patties that just break away in your mouth is the perfect combination for any burger.


  1. Burgled

Has it ever been a dream of yours to taste the flavours of the world? Well, Burgled has made that possible through their selection of burgers that incorporate flavourers from countries like Greece, Italy, Mexico and even China. That’s right, within the four walls of their four locations across Melbourne you can take a trip to Japan through their Asian slaw and wasabi aioli, or appreciate your ‘Bogan’ roots with a classic egg and bacon tower.


  1. Three One 2 One

Bringing pride to Richmond is a place where you can not only find pink and black brioche buns, but also milkshakes that will send your heart racing. It’s almost as if ThreeOne2One has a competition going between the burgers and milkshakes; which one can be stacked the highest.

Topped with donuts and fairy floss, brownies and ice cream cones, cannoli’s and lollypops – you may think the milkshakes have it in the bag, but then you come across creations like the one in the image below. Your stomach is the limit.


  1. St Kilda Burger Bar

This hidden gem was voted Melbourne’s best new burger by the Herald Sun in 2015. It’s located at the back of a drive through bottle-o which makes it the perfect stop for dinner before your weekend pre drinks. Most of the burgers are quite simple, but it’s the way they’re cooked that has them tasting so fresh and juicy, that gets them a spot on this list.

When it comes to burgers, we make them big! Come by our drive through, we're open til late.

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  1. Mr Scruffs

Live music and good burgers sound like a recipe for a perfect night out. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you pay a visit to Mr Scruffs. It doubles up as a late night bar/club and popular eatery, open some nights until 4am. The walls are covered in some seriously cool artwork and new burgers are always being added to their menu. Basically, if you see something you like you better go in fast before they add the next one, otherwise pop in for a surprise because you never know what new burger will tantalize your taste buds.



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