5 TV series that ruined my life

Written by Meg McKenna

Admit it. Most of us have at least one television series that has left a lasting impact on our soul, in one way or another. 

Whether it’s a situation that makes you question “I swear I saw this on an episode of The Simpsons?” (I’m talking to you, Trump) or maybe you’ve had a restless night because you’re still thinking about the exact moment Shannon Noll was robbed the title of Australian Idol in 2003.

Television shows come and go, but the memories last forever.

When I become fond of a TV show, it’s a disaster. I let myself become invested. I let it take control. 


Here’s just five of the TV series that have ruined my life.


Black Mirror

Let’s start off with a mentally disturbing, life altering bang, shall we? Three short seasons of suspense, satire and stand alone episodes; the entire series surrounds the idea of techno-paranoia. Basically, technological advancement is scary, but humans are more terrifying. Put the two together and you’ve got Black Mirror. 

I made the massive mistake of binge watching this show. Now, if you can’t already tell by the nature of this article, I’m all for binge watching. Just not this show, I advise heavily against it. Black Mirror changed me, just one episode is enough to leave you sitting in the corner of your room shuddering in an internal battle. Don’t watch seven episodes in a row. It’s unhealthy. 

Breaking Bad

If you’re a fan of drama series, then you’d already know the adventures of part-time chemistry teacher part-time meth cook, Walter White. Breaking Bad is one of those shows that I’d suggest to anyone and everyone – well, maybe not children. It’s incredibly well done. It’s also heavy, horrifying and, every now and then, hilarious. 

There are 5 seasons of Breaking Bad, 62 episodes and an equal 62 hours all up. I was in my last year of high school when I discovered it, I watched it all in just over two weeks. By the end of it, I felt like I was the one addicted to heavy drugs. Focus on your study, kids. 


From crystal meth to cucumber granita, Masterchef is the newest addition to my collection of life-destroying television. 

There’s something so therapeutic about watching someone cook. Add time restraints, three judges and 24 sweaty people cooking with the same ingredients? Genius.

If Masterchef was on once a week, it wouldn’t have ruined me. It’s the fact that it’s on FIVE times a week. That’s five days of savoury ice cream and fennel done three-ways, five days of Matt Preston’s glorious outfits, five days of serious commitment to a bloody cooking show. Help.

The Bachelor / Bachelorette

Let the judgement commence. 

You either loathe or you love this show. I, unfortunately, am the latter. It’s disgustingly fantastic.

The Bachelorette and I, in particular, have a special bond. Something about watching a bunch of straight blokes fighting for the attention of one woman sparks pure joy within me.

With this series, I tend to get attached to the contestant I want to win, and most of the time they do not win. They’re left heartbroken and so am I. 

Game of Thrones

A few years ago, if you told me my favourite show on earth was going to be a fantasy tale about faraway kingdoms, battles and dragons I would have laughed in your face. But it has come to pass, and Game of Thrones is my ultimate life-ruiner. 

Between each season I’ll be counting the days until the premiere, watching past episodes, keeping up to date on theories and predictions, yet I’m still able to live my life.

During the season, however? I’m out for 10 weeks. Don’t even think about talking to me about something that isn’t Game of Thrones related between the hours of 11am – 5pm on a Monday. I’ll watch the episode, scream for a bit, then retreat to Reddit and my Game of Thrones group chats (yes, multiple) for the rest of the day. 

Some may call it time wasting, an addiction, or downright sad. Perhaps some day I’ll grow out of my debilitating habit, but for now it’s the way I live my life. And you know what? I bloody love it. 

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